H/F DevOps Manager - Europcar Mobility Group

Cloud Native Platform - International Team

Publiée le 16/11/2021 REF #01U37392
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Europcar Mobility Group has been Europe’s leading car rental provider for almost 70 years and one of the major players in the mobility sector. As a car rental company, Europcar built the fundamentals of the usage and sharing economies into its core business – mobility – a long time ago.

Europcar Mobility Group operates through multi brands meeting every customer specific needs; its 4 major brands being: Europcar® – the European leader in vehicle rental services, Goldcar® – the most important low-cost car-rental company in Europe, InterRent® – ‘mid-tier’ brand focused on leisure and Ubeeqo® – a European company specializing in fleet and mobility solutions for both the business and the end-customers market.


The main objectives of the job are:

As a leader of the IT Ops DevSecOps Guild, implement innovative ways to deliver continuously from development all the way to production, with a focus on Cloud:
Aim at a full integration of CI/CD across the whole technology departments, from critical production workloads to staging and QA environments.
Develop tools and processes for highly automated CI/CD pipelines that enable teams to deploy new software quickly and several times a day in a seamless and coordinated effort.
Promote tools that leverage productivity amplifiers such as code generators and schema repositories for scalable deployment and drive as much as possible from configuration management.
Design, develop and manage monitoring tools to provide performance dashboards, alerts, and collect data on CI/CD required to proactively identify issues and/or recommend improvements.
Relay continuous feedback, formulate and drive process and organizational improvement which enhances overall effectiveness.
​​​Break down silos between Product & Tech teams for developing and deploying infrastructure & software:
​Oversee and guide all Dev​Sec​Ops activities of the plural sight collaborators allocated by the ​IT Ops teams​ and embedded within various P​roduct ​Squads.
Work in a highly collaborative way with the ​Dev and QA ​Chapters in all technical operations to reduce or eliminate any repetitive or manual tasks​ and encompass both quality assurance and continuous site/software testing.
Ensure the highest level of security against vulnerabilities and threats is considered in the CI/CD pipelines.
Build developer skills in the operations arena and provide support and expertise to the Development Chapters
Bring DevOps cultural change in the Group by empowering the teams with the right tools and best practices.
Manage an international team of of DevSecOps and production engineers on middleware field:
Organise day-to-day build and run activities of the collaborators.
Recruit and hire middleware experts including working with HR, Dev chapters, and other technology departments leaders throughout the process.
Listen to and support teams in problem-identification, self-organization and decision-making.
Implement training initiatives to elevate Middleware abilities.
Ensure the right and secured set of middleware services and their CI/CD chains at the relevant quality and at competitive costs:
Supervise the services to ensure their continuity and their performances (monitoring, obsolescence management, capacity management)
Suggest & manage change requests to improve the services efficiency
Contribute to the operational follow-up of activities delivered by service providers
Ensure compliance with the security rules (access to data, integrity, exchanges security, confidentiality)
Acquire knowledge on existing standards, their evolution and the industrialization of solutions in partnership with architects & outsourcers
Contribute to new infrastructures solutions acceptance and performance tests

Internal: All Product & Tech teams
External: Suppliers.


Previous experience:

At least 10 years professional experience in IT
At least 5 years of experience as production engineer/expert
Worked closely with full product teams to deliver an experience to customers.
Knowledge in monitoring and alerting mechanisms.
Solid leadership experience as a technical lead, team lead, or manager.
Education level / certificates: Master degree level, Engineer or equivalent.

Languages: English (fluent).

Computer skills and software used:

Knowledge of Configuration Management and automation, Infrastructure as Code.
Middleware: Java EE, JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, Varnish, Jahia, Docker, Openshift, Kubernetes, Shell, Python, Ansible, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Gitlab, Jenkins, Dynatrace
Familiar with the most widespread CI/CD practices and tools (Git, Jenkins, Ansible, ...).
Appreciated: Experience with Relational, NoSQL Databases and public clouds such as AWS or GCP would be useful added assets.
Personal characteristics

Highly adaptive and enthusiastic about creating new solutions by turning complex problems into actionable plans (experiment, measure against hypothesis and then move forward with the best possible solution).
Intellectually curious with a genuine desire to learn and welcome change.
Comfortable with uncertainty and a fast-evolving environment.
Excellent interpersonal communication, diplomacy skills and highly collaborative capacity.
Exceptional leadership with an ability to develop strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships with others